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As a psychotherapist, I help individuals and couples work on trauma, psychological and relational issues and behaviors so that they can resolve them and enrich their lives. This means I will begin by learning about and understanding you and your problem and we will figure out together what has contributed to your difficulties. The next step is to create a treatment plan tailored to you and your goal/s. Often, the plan will include ways for you to learn to manage and resolve the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that contribute to your problem; to increase your self-esteem; to resolve the blocks that you experience; to communicate your needs and wants related to your issue/s; to integrate them into your daily life and to access or re-access your joy and interest that often fades in the face of these difficulties.

My approach is based on my training in human development, EMDR, Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) Informed Psychotherapy, client-oriented, psychodynamic, somatic, and systems psychotherapies. My expertise includes treating issues related to early childhood trauma and attachment. I also address general psychological issues and problems such as relational and family issues, issues that arise through life transitions or setbacks that occur through personal illness and/or life catastrophes, and problems in identifying, managing and handling feelings such as confusion, distress, fear, anger, shame, and disgust.


Call today 609-230-6280 and begin your Healing Path!

Karen Ognibene, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

NJ License# 37PC00563600

Call Today 609.230.6280

Karen Ognibene, MA, LPC

Healing Path Counseling

Carter Building

44 Cooper St. Suite 204

Woodbury, NJ 08096







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